A Plea to Management

As lifelong Ballston Common shoppers, we are of course thrilled to see the legacy evolve into what will surely be a bigger and better mall going experience: Ballston Quarter. This impending change is bittersweet, however, because these walls house so many treasured memories for us. While marveling at the signs depicting what is to come, we were struck with an idea to assuage our melancholy. Let’s re-purpose the Ballston Commons signs! They would look fabulous in our homes, where we can continue to cherish our good memories. Assuming they have no home in Ballston Quarter, may we take them off your hands?20160312_105415.jpg


Here’s a story

One time Catherine was sitting in the massage chair and a peer approached her to show her her new piercing, except it was just a safety pin shoved through her belly button. For such a small mall, there are so many piercing places here. Why not just go somewhere where they at least give you free antispetic?

11 am

We’re here! Surprisingly, so are a lot of other people enjoying their breakfast at Panera and Starbucks. We joined the Ballston masses and got some drinks and snacks at Starbucks while we reminisced about what used to be down the tiny hallway on the first floor: Twist Again Pretzels, Frozen Custard (Kohrs?), and B. Dalton book store.

The biggest treat so far is that there is free Wifi in the mall! Thank you, Ballston Common Mall WiFi, for helping us complete our goals for the day.

Some musings:

Do you think the massage chairs on this floor have ever been cleaned?

Does anyone remember that BBQ place (Memphis BBQ?) with torches out front that was in Panera’s spot before it was Panera?

WHY did Chevy’s close? We could spend an entire day just in there.



The Plan

In due time, Ballston Common will undergo a transformation from an indoor mall with a paltry offering of bizarre stores to an outdoor promenade with high end restaurants and boutiques. As two Arlington natives who spent their formative years in the mall, we mourn the loss of such a strange and special place. Tomorrow, as a fond farewell, we will spend the entirety of the day in the mall, 10 am to 9 pm, blogging all the way. We will remember stores that once were, grapple with the ones that are inexplicably still standing, and generally loiter as we used to as teenagers. Will we get to the heart of Ballston’s mystery and appeal? Possibly. Will we learn hard lessons about ourselves along the way? Definitely. Will I find a new pair of jeans that I’m in desperate need of? Not a chance in hell.