Signing off

As we wind down back in Rock Bottom, we reflect on a day of nostalgia and mild disgust/fear. But mostly, we realize how much this place feels like a big strange living room — familiar and comfortable, yet full of strangers and shaking ceiling tiles. During pauses waiting for an elevator or traversing the wide, empty food court, we both blurt out how unbelievable it seems this place won’t be here as of May 22. Here’s some artistic renderings that will just have to keep us going after the mall is gone…



One thought on “Signing off”

  1. Thanx for the memories. Here are some of mine: reading the Hecht Company window advertisements when that wall was visible from Wilson or Glebe and shopping at Murphy’s at Parkington; buying clothing at JC Penney; barbecue at Memphis BBQ; Mex at Chevy’s; parts at Radio Shack; coffee at the Beanery; books, books, books at B Dalton; taking the daughters to Claires; buying a little of everything at Hecht’s and at Macy’s; Bourbon Chicken, Cheese-Steaks, Sbarro’s Pizza at the food court; rushing to the metro station, and back; massive Christmas trees towering over Santa’s helpers; watching the world go by from benches located throughout…


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