Halfway point!

We’ve made it 5 1/2 hours! As a celebration, let’s go on a trip down memory lane…

In May 2004, we celebrated our dear friend Hannah’s birthday at Ballston Common. We met up in the evening but it was actually my second visit to the mall during the day. That morning, as a belated present for my 16th birthday, my mom took me to the Piercing Pagoda to get my second ear piercing.

That evening we took Hannah to Macaroni Grill, the fine Italian eatery on the first floor. I can’t remember if we got dessert ravioli, but that was our favorite thing on the menu. We bought her a smattering of weird gifts, including a Jesus nightlight from (surprise) the Dollar Store. We spent our time after dinner going around the mall and posing with weird stores, like “The Ink Store.”



Then we went to see “Shrek 2.” In a packed theatre, we laughed along to the opening montage of Shrek and Fiona enjoying their nuptials to the Counting Crows “Accidentally in Love” when all of the sudden, the lights came on and the fire alarm went off. We left the theatre through one of those weird “Exit” doors that you always pledge to pay attention to but never do. We filed out onto Glebe Road where we were met with firetrucks.


I don’t think we ever found out what set off the alarm, but we weren’t allowed back in the theatre, and I didn’t see Shrek 2 until at least 10 years later.


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