Wow, we killed almost four hours in Rock Bottom. We were so happy to get visitors and hear about memories of the mall from people who experienced it as adults. As a treat for sitting with us for so long, we brought our visitors (read: parents) to “As Seen On TV,” one of Ballston’s treasures. It’s moved across the hall to where the WET SEAL used to be and half of the store is blocked off by a curtain…why? What’s behind the curtain? Good metaphor for something, though I’m not sure what.

Let’s take a minute to mourn the loss of Claire’s. How can you forget the first place you buy fake hair? Before we knew what a Silky 4 was, we were buying scrunchies made of acrylics hair balls with streaks of glitter highlights.

One of our fondest memories is the “10 for 5” deals where you could buy 10 items (usually off the sale rack) for $5. We would be so excited for the opportunity, but my god that stuff was C-R-A-P. We would spend HOURS on the floor of that store untangling cheap necklaces and trying to find earring with two pairs still in tact. In retrospect, it was not worth the trouble, but who were we to pass up a good deal?

Diana in Claire’s, 2003

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