We’re sitting in Rock Bottom waiting for our second visitor of the day, Karen (only mom-types so far have been excited enough to take part in this adventure). A early 2000’s soft rock jam comes on, and it’s a good time for reminiscing.


Catherine: I worked in the Hechts the summer it transformed into Macy’s. This was my section, formerly women’s dresses and swimwear. I stood at this register for 7 hours a day staring at the Raspberry Godiva bars by the card reader. The fitting room to the left of the register was the scene of the unofficial Macy’s Fight Club. The first rule of Macy’s Fight Club was also the only rule: I was to guard the room while my co-workers fought out of view of the cameras. The spat was over a handsome security guard, who sometimes would call my register phone and tell me to stop reading my paperback. My colleague Erin, who had been showing me the ropes all summer, thrust her earrings into my hand and pointed me to my post outside the doorway. I don’t remember how the fight ended, but I do remember buying a $6 Godiva bar that day.


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