11 am

We’re here! Surprisingly, so are a lot of other people enjoying their breakfast at Panera and Starbucks. We joined the Ballston masses and got some drinks and snacks at Starbucks while we reminisced about what used to be down the tiny hallway on the first floor: Twist Again Pretzels, Frozen Custard (Kohrs?), and B. Dalton book store.

The biggest treat so far is that there is free Wifi in the mall! Thank you, Ballston Common Mall WiFi, for helping us complete our goals for the day.

Some musings:

Do you think the massage chairs on this floor have ever been cleaned?

Does anyone remember that BBQ place (Memphis BBQ?) with torches out front that was in Panera’s spot before it was Panera?

WHY did Chevy’s close? We could spend an entire day just in there.




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